Villa Chiminelli

The charm of a sixteenth-century Venetian Villa in the palladian style with Veronese frescoes surrounded by the beautiful green countryside of Treviso.

Through the visit of the Villa historical manor, a magnet for cultural tourism and location for exclusive events the guest will experience some of the most relevant aspects of the so called “civilization” of Villas. After a description of the architectural features of the Villa, and of its role as a place of leisure and entertainment, the visit continues with the vision of the beautiful frescoes of the Veronese school, the chapel and a walk through the charming Italian garden. The adjacent barns, outbuildings, museums and vineyard testify the close link between the Villa and the sorrounding countryside, highlighting how culture and leisure are connected to production and every day life.


Historic home of undoubted charm, an architectural, artistic and landscape heritage protected by the Regional Institute of Venetian Villas. Off the traditional itineraries, it is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.


Curious collections of objects that safeguard and tell the story of a past culture and time, preserved and enhanced thanks to the commitment and passion of Francesco Chiminelli.

Agricultural Estate

A small winery, in the heart of the province of Treviso, that traces the tradition of an area by closely following all operations in the vineyard, because a good wine comes from a healthy vine.


In one of the most romantic countries in the world, Veneto, with its landscapes, vineyards and villas, is also an ideal place for foreign couples looking for the perfect Made in Italy ceremony.


Room equipped to reconcile the business world with a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you can create events that will leave a mark and enhance and raise awareness of your company.


Unmissable tourist attraction for curious, interested and passionate travelers, that are eager to go beyond just the beauty of the place to know what it hides underneath.


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Map Location La Villa, in the Treviso province, in the immediate vicinity of Castelfranco Veneto, is located a few kilometers from the most interesting cities in Veneto and can be reached easily.

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