Tanning Museum

West of the villa in the rustics, there are collected hundreds of tools and machines used in the tanning industry in Bassano, and particularly in the “Scamosceria del Grappa”, company derived for upcoming steps from the factory “to style skins camozine use of Germany” , installed in Bassano in 1773 by B. Janoch, favored by the flow of the river Brenta. The small museum is considered a tribute to entrepreneurship and the tanning tradition of Bassano del Grappa that goes back to the concessions of Mastino della Scala in 1339 and has been a leader in the world in the field of suede. So much that up until the 60’s designers from all over Italy came to the Scamosceria to select the colors of the “ModaPelle”.

Agricultural Museum

Another attraction is a small museum of agricultural tradition, housed on the first floor of the side barn. There is a collection of about 1,000 objects representative of all that was furniture, equipment and instrumentation work and daily life of the Venetian countryside of those times. Assembled with patience, these objects form a collection that perhaps has no equal in Veneto. There are tools used by woodcutters and carpenters, tools needed to work in the fields, the furnishings of the peasant houses, kitchenware: branches, andirons, pottery, forerunners machines to make butter, pressure cookers etc. One section is dedicated to weaving, with a number of sewing machines, looms and clothes. Finally there are carriages, wagons, plows and harvesters, placed in the “orchard”.

Ethnographic museum

A third interesting and curious museum, on the first floor of the west wing of the rustic, a collects “commode”, tubs and sinks. The collection is completed by a series of printing machines, phonographs, player pianos, projectors, musical instruments, toys, etc., which document the industrial revolution of the late eighteenth century. The collection, complemented by vintage prints and religious images, is being cataloged.

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