Private events

For those who want to organize photo shoots, fashion shows or concerts, inside or outside the Villa, in a prestigious location with a suggestive setting.
For those who want to organize a job promotion/graduation/birthday party, but are not content to any location for they are searching in a historical context something special with undisputed atmosphere and charm.
Possibility also of wine tasting, horseback riding and mountain-bike excursions in the countryside of the Villa.
The complex of Villa Chiminelli provides its spaces and invites you to visit them in order to discover together the several possible solutions according to your plans.

Vintage shot

Found in a treasure chest of art, is the past which represents out identity.

Conference to transform ideas in real goals

In the elegant lounge of the Villa, a corporate training meeting takes places with the aim of valorizing projects of strategic development.
Redefining a strategy with a remarkable solution is only a question of method.

From the window of a 500

Villa Chiminelli is chosen as the location for the rally of the vintage Fiat 500 which will undertake an extraordinary journey from Castelfranco Veneto to North Cape crossing Europe.
The expedition is done in order to promote Castelfranco, local products (as the prosecco and the chicory) and obviously the show of the Veronese.

The pianist out of place

In the magic christmas atmosphere of Villa Chiminelli, the pianist Paolo Zanarella excites our guests with his enchanting music. It is a journey on a grand piano, transported by the warm and enveloping notes of an itinerant and non-conformist artist who gives his music to people as a present earning applauses.

Nature by horse

Horse ride from the historical centre of Castelfranco Veneto to the countryside of Villa Chiminelli. The equestrian atmosphere and the unic experience allow horse lovers to closely appreciate these elegant animals and admire the frame of a villa that in the past was a resort and hunting location for venetian nobles, and at the same time the riders to live again a part of the history of this land.
A happy marriage between nature and culture.

The triumph of the decoration in Villa

A path of knowledge between Villa Chiminelli, Villa Emo and Villa Maser.

Liver experts congress

Prestigious and international appointment, the 3-days meeting of the European Club for Liver Cell Biology at Villa Chiminelli reunites a group of doctors and researchers who try to understand how the liver works, gets ill and, overall, heals. Experts from all over the world discuss the recent advances of research in epathic deseases and show their scientific and unpublished results.
Times and topics go on, but under the immortal frescoes of the Villa they continue to pulse life and culture.

Business events

The conference hall, recently set in the rural complex of the Villa, is the perfect space for organizing and hosting business or medical/scientific meetings, formation courses, cultural initiatives and press conferences.
It is a quiet and charming room with large windows looking to the vineyard of the Villa.
For those asking, there is the possibility to receive the guests with elegant welcome drinks, and during the permanence organize coffee breaks, business lunches or formal dinners, everything provided by selected catering suggested on request. The room is set up with the most modern services: wifi internet connection, audio and video equipment with fixed and mobile microphones.
A few steps from Castelfranco Veneto, the hall is the perfect place for a succesfull meeting and sophisticated clients in search of an unusual and refined space.

It was a capacity of 80 seats

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